Bear Marketing

Add up to 25% to Your Gross Sales with Our Turn-Key Method.

  1. Proven method in use and refined for over 20 years.
  2. Low Cost, use it only as you need.
  3. Immediate traction.  No waiting around to see if it ‘works’.
  4. Active vs. Passive marketing, reach out to your market.
  5. Geographic/Demographic targeting.  Focus your advertising.
  6. Stimulate demand for your services with our Success Proven graphic concepts.

Tree TrimingProven Methods: AdMark’s Bear Marketing Fundamentals for Tree Services have been developed and applied successfully for over two decades.  During this time it has been refined and expanded for maximum flexibility.  The uniqueness of your specific area is taken into account when overlaying the method on the geography served by your company.

Low Cost:  Bear Marketing Fundamentals for Tree Services focuses on one objective, encouraging property owners to call you.  We do not deal in peripherals such as logo creation or magazine and yellow page advertising.  Our sole objective is to gain exposure for you with the decision makers in your market.  Initially this can be done in short easy steps, as budget allows.  Once in place the method typically is self funding through job sales, assuming you are closing.  You are in control of the activity.  When you need more work we go to work, when you are busy we await your call to action.

Immediate Traction:  We approach the decision makers directly, your impression is immediate.  Incentives act as motivators for both action and retention.  This is what we mean by immediate traction.  From the outset we reinforce your company name with the people who need you, laying the groundwork for ‘Household Word‘ status.  Every additional step we take brings you closer to Market Dominance. 

tree trimingActive vs. Passive Marketing:  Bear Marketing Fundamentals for Tree Services employs active marketing techniques.  You reach out to prospects instead of waiting for them to come to you. Note also with great benefit that consumers of your service may not realize they need you.  Our time tested trademark graphics draw attention, provoke thought and build desire, thereby creating need.  In so doing we cut short the selling process for you, delivering a potential customer who is more aware of the needs of their trees and thus pre-sold, to a large degree, on their need for your services.

Geographic/Demographic Targeting:  These two aspects of our service allow us to compress your advertising dollars into a focused campaign.  What this means is direct exposure to the people in the community at large who need you as well as those small, but highly concentrated, groups of buyers that can bring you steady work.

Success Proven Graphics:  Enrolled clients choose from our small, but effective, arsenal of Proven Trademark Graphic Concepts.  The costly part of the process, development, testing and proving, has already been done.  We are not going to be experimenting with your budget.  We are going to get right down to ‘rubber meets road’ from the start.

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